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To help you lead a healthy life

    And stay both slim and fit,

Remember that those five a day

    Are things you can’t omit!


Cabbage, carrots, apples, pears -

    Are all good foods you'll find,

But one of Josie’s story poems

    Will exercise your mind.


Bananas, peaches, plums and grapes,

    And one more thing to add:

One of Josie’s funny poems

    Will stop you feeling sad.


Strawberries, grapes, peas and sprouts,

    And, if you have the time,

A weather poem might do the trick,

    Filled to the brink with rhyme


Potatoes, onions, spinach, beans -

     These are the usual norm -

And Josie’s poems are just the thing

      For poems to perform.


Sweetcorn, peppers, beetroot, plums

    Won’t help you lose depression -

But a measured, metric Josie's poem

    Will make a good impression.


Turnips, swede and salad veg;

     Berries of all kinds -

But one of Josie’s thinking poems

    Does wonders for the mind.        


One selling point for Josie’s Poems -

     And something that’s quite cheap:

When children hear these poems at night.

     They quickly fall asleep.



Copyright on all my poems 

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