There’s a chapel in the valley,

   On the road to Ballahoon,

And the graves are glistening softly

    In the shimmer of the moon.


The yew trees cast black shadows

   And the owl hoots from a tree –

But, I am quickly heading home.  

   It’s not the place for me!


There’s a clock upon the bell tower

    And it chimes the midnight hour;

And the tiny bats are well awake,

    Not drowsing in the tower.


The music from the dark graveyard

     Emits its mournful strains,

And the skeletons rise up and dance

    And loudly rattle chains.


The ghosts and witches now arrive

    And make a mirthful throng –

And the atmosphere’s augmented  

     By a ghastly, ghoulish song.


It’s best to stay inside your homes,

     Away from such a scene –

And you’ll understand the reason

     When I say it’s Halloween.


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