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Said the little white dog to the frog in the fog:

    “Is this the right way to the station?”

“I wish that I knew” called a friendly gnu,

   “Are you travelling by train on vacation?”


The horse said “Of course” with a voice that was hoarse,

    “Travelling by road might be better,”

But the cat on the mat didn’t think much of that

    And continued writing his letter.


Said the sheep: “Well it’s cheap, if you go in a jeep”

    And you’ll save on your fuel consumption,”

But the hen in the pen interrupted and then

    Said: ”For goodness sake, just use your gumption.”


Then it started to rain and the dog thought again:

    “Now I’ve listened to all that you’ve said,

And with so much to ponder I think that I’ll wander

     Back home to the warmth of my bed.”



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