One day I found a monster

    Who’d come from outer space.

Its tail was long and spiky

    And it had an ugly face.


I didn’t want to know it,

   Yet it followed me to school,

But what it did to others

    Was really rather cruel.


It turned Georgia into pizza

   And cooked Jacob in a stew.

It ate Matthew just the way he was

    But found Daniel hard to chew.


He put Anna in a pancake,

      And drank a cup of tea.

Amy was a little snack . . . a n d

     Then he looked at ME!


                  H E L P !!!!!


Jessica was too sweet for him.

    He ate Andrew on his toast.

Sophie gave him stomach ache

    But he enjoyed her most.


He thought Abigail was yucky,

    So he spat her on the floor.

She thought she was the lucky one

   And dashed out through the door.


This gave him indigestion though.

      He rolled around in pain.

So he hurried off to outer space

    On the intergalactic train.


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This poem was chosen as one of almost 400 to go in my book of Funny Poems in 2010.  The teachers and children who chose it obviously liked it and I hope you do too.  Josie

When the Monster Came to School - Heading