Funny Poems 3

Mr Greedy bought a money tree

    Which was so very small.

He planted it and cared for it

    And watched as it grew tall.


He wouldn’t take a holiday

    And couldn’t even sleep,

For he guarded it and nurtured it

    Like a shepherd with his sheep.


This lack of sleep and worry

    Caused Old Greedy to get ill.

He didn’t live till harvest-time

    To see his dreams fulfilled.


Remember Mr Greedy

    When you think about your wealth

For there’s more to life than money

    There’s your happiness and health!


Copyright on all my poems


*This poem was published with almost 400 others in 2010, chosen by teachers and children in many schools.  It was published in 'Josie's Poems - Reflections' by AMS Educational, Leeds.

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