It was growing in the garden

    And, though it looked quite strange,

We thought that we would eat it

    As something for a change.


But when we tried to catch it,

    It jumped across the hedge,

So we promised not to hurt it

    With our undying pledge.


We promised that we’d love it

    Until its final end;

That we’d feed it every morning

    And treat it like a friend.


Then something awful happened

     That caused us great distress:

Our tortoise seemed to disappear.

     We searched with no success.


Then our cat seemed rather worried

     And his worry turned to fright

When we saw the veggie stalk him

    When we let him out one night.


I think you’ve guessed what happened,

    For we had to break our pledge,

And the creature that we’d nurtured

     Became our tasty veg.


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