I’m a scary little spook who rattles my chains;

A gruesome, grizzly ghost with a super brain;

    I’m an awesome apparition who’ll make you jump,  

    But you’ll never know I’m here till your hear a bump.


The doors will strangely open entirely on their own.

Though I’m hiding in the dark, you may hear a little groan.

    I’ll be walking through brick walls and floating in the air

    But I’d never steal your sweeties for that wouldn’t be fair.


That I’m a terrifying terror is a fact beyond all doubt,

But you’ll hardly ever know when I’m hovering about.

     Old cemeteries and castles  are the places that I’ll be –

    And I’ll be looking down at you - - - but you won’t see me.


It’s on Halloween night I’ll come haunting you all

For I’m the number one guest at your Halloween Ball.

     Yes, you may go to bed but you’ll never sleep a wink.

    'But are there really ghosts?' - - - Well, what do you think?


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This poem was chosen for publication in 2010 by teachers and children in many schools in West Yorkshire.  I hope you like it also.  Josie