The Council tree man said to us:

  “This tree, it must come down.”

I sadly thought of what he said

   And wore a gloomy frown.


Our tree had rotted deep inside

   Away from human sight.

It might fall on our roof one day.

   The tree man was quite right.


Another tree we’ve planted since

   Will also grow quite tall.

I hope that many years will pass

   Before it too will fall.


My story isn’t finished yet.

     I think you’d like to know

That where the first tree used to live

     Some little toadstools grow.


The place is now a magic place

   Where fairies come to play.

They dance beneath the stars at night,

  Then disappear next day.


Mother Nature is quite sorry when

   Her lovely trees come down,

So she sends the Queen of Fairies

   In her golden dress and crown.


The tiny fairies dance and sing,

   And to music gently sway.

It heals the earth that’s lost its friend

   And takes its hurt away.    


I want this secret to be safe -

   Known just by you and me -

And I’m sure that you’ll remember

   When you see a fallen tree.


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