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Sing a song of junk food –

   Come on, eat it up:

Hot dogs, fatty burgers,

    And sweet drinks in your cup.


Sing a song of junk food –

    Lots of tasty snacks:

You’ll find it when you’re shopping –

    Yes, stacks and stacks and stacks.


Sing a song of junk food –

    Your waistline matters not,

So gobble gobble gobble –

    Yes, guzzle up the lot.


Sing a song of junk food –

    Swallow it down quick:

Sticky, gooey, sweet stuff

    Designed to make you sick.


Sing a song of junk food –

    Calories on a plate –

But think about your future

    Before it gets too late.


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This poem could be a prelude to a serious lesson, although I think that most children will know what junk food means.  This is a good poem to precede a discussion on food and health.  In my youth food was rationed because there was a war on.  We mainly ate fresh food from the garden, and limited meat and sugar.

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