Funny Poems 3 Shadowing Poetry Our Language

One million trillion yawns announce  

    The dawning of the day.

One million trillion feet then

     To the bathrooms soon convey

The pensioners, the children

    And ones who earn their pay -


    They all go marching on.


The cereal bowls are emptied and

    The breakfast cups go clink

For they’re passed with speed amazing

    From the table to the sink.

Now have you packed the things you need?  

    Oh give us time to think!


     Then they go marching on.


From apartments and from houses

    Humans pour upon the street.

On the buses and the underground,

    You’ll never find a seat;

And side by side like tinned sardines

    They're packed in nice and neat


     As they go marching on.


There’s a seat for every bottom

    In the offices and schools.

The student grabs his pen and book;

    The workman takes his tools.

Do the aliens look down on us

    And think that we’re all fools


    As we go marching on?


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By Josie Whitehead 

Rush Hour - Heading