Posh Loo



By Josie Whitehead

Funny Poems 3

I’m tired of using public loos  

That smell of unwashed floors and poos

     So come with me; we’ll look elsewhere.  

     The loos we'll use, we’ll choose with care.


Well, before you visit any town  

Look for hotels of high renown.

    I’ll tell you what you could expect:  

    The loos which show you some respect.


YOU'LL find:  


The latest toilet seats are warm.

Enjoy their comfort, then perform.

    Press 'bidet' if you want to wash.    

    'My word!' you’ll think,'this loo is posh!'


Press 'wash' and water comes out racing  

And leaves your bottom feeling bracing.

    You then press 'dry' and hot air blows  

    On parts of you that are exposed.


New-fangled loos, though futuristic  

Are not designed to be simplistic.

    'Paperless?' Yes, that’s the word,  

     So . . . .  Will you find them quite absurd?


Copyright on all my poems    


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