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My granny’s really VERY cool

     In a 'granny' kind of way.

She plays bingo in the evening

     And she dances in the day


Well she’s the centre of attention

     At the local U3A –

And when it comes to flirting,

     Well, Gran’s got such a way.


Gran’s got a super figure -

     You should see her at the gym -

And all her friends are jealous

     For she’s very tall and slim.


Her hair is getting blonder

     And her skin is soft and pink.

But whilst Granny leads a hectic life

     She leaves Granddad at the sink.


She grabs her pavement scooter

     But it’s not that she can’t walk,

But she wants to speed along to meet

     Her friends and sit and talk.


She's a gran who's full of life and fun;

     That’s why we love her so.

There’s so much more that I could say

     But it’s time for me to go.


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