My giggle escaped as I was eating my crisps

So I’m feeling quite strange, with a sort of a lisp.

    Now I can’t laugh at all when you tell me a joke

    And instead of a giggle, it’s more like a croak.


I saw him escape and he ran down the street.

I was left with the feeling I wasn’t complete.

     He boarded a bus and got off at the zoo;

      Then playfully sprang on a big kangaroo.


She said: “No!  No!  No!  Giggling’s not what I do!

Now, find yourself somebody else at this zoo.”

     My giggle looked sad but leapt on a giraffe

     “Giggle?  No, sorry.  Giraffes never laugh.”


The zoo keeper came:  “Now, what have we here?

Well no one wants YOU it is perfectly clear!

     Go back to wherever you came from today!”

    Well I’m so glad my giggle returned home to stay.



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