In a magical world where the fairies dwell

You’ll find blue crystal seas and coral shells,

     And the Queen of the Fairies rules supreme

     In a world existing of treasured daydreams.


You’ll glide in her coach of sparkling gold

And from the coach windows you will behold

     The Magical World of Make-Believe –

     A place that you’ll never want to leave.


You’ll travel through spectacular wonderland;

See fantastical villages and palaces grand.

     In a wonderful garden with roses red

     There’s an elegant table richly spread


With clotted cream scones and creamy cakes;

Savoury crisps and strawberry milk shakes.

     There’ll be wonderful games and things to do

     And the fairies have done this especially for you.


You’ll watch as the fairies dance and fly

On the prettiest sunbeams high in the sky,

     But in a blink of an eye they’ll all disappear

     And back to reality Mum’s voice you’ll hear:


'Are you daydreaming still?  Well, whatever next!'

Her voice sounds angry whilst you are perplexed,

     For, what little child would want ever to leave

     The most Magical World of Make-Believe?



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