Who’s in the graveyard, so late in the night?

Who’s in the dark and might give you a fright?

      Who’s hovering and floating?  There’s nothing to fear.

       Oh don’t be afraid now.  It’s a ghostie, my dear.


Who practises moaning for Halloween night?

Who rattles their chains but keeps out of sight?

      Who loves scaring children at this time of year?

      You must know the answer: It’s a ghostie, my dear.


Who’s in the kitchen and creeping about?

Who’s opening cupboards?  Shall I give him a shout?

      Who’s rifling Mum’s fridge for a nice glass of beer?

      Oh, stop all that shaking!  It’s a ghostie, my dear.


Who’s on the stairs now - I heard a small creak -

And who’s coming nearer? Oh, please do not shriek!

      Who’s in your bedroom?  No, no, do not scream,

      For it’s nobody, darling.  It’s only a dream.



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