Funny Poems 3

I like puppy dogs and tabby cats;

Frogs and toads and big grey rats;

   Elephants and hippos too;

   All creatures that live at the zoo –


    But I couldn’t eat a whole one.


I like whales that swim in the sea

And koala bears up in the tree;

   Giraffes  and rhinos, grizzly bears -

   Especially the ones that scare –


    But I couldn’t eat a whole one.


I like horses, bulls and kangaroos;

Mountain goats and cows that moo;

    Large animals and those that bite;

    Those of day and of the night -


   But I couldn’t eat a whole one!


I like squirrels, moles and badgers too;

And llamas that come from Peru;

    The short and fat, the thin and tall!

     Oh yes, I really love them all - - -


    But I’m so full that I am sure

    I couldn’t eat one mouthful more!



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