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The little word ‘poo’ as I’m sure that you knew,  

     Brings to children a lot to amuse,

But, without this small word, which is really absurd,

     What other word could we then use?


We have the word 'dung' - though not used by the young -

     But well known by all farmers, of course -

And, if we mention ‘manure’ in a manner mature,  

    You’d be thinking of ‘stable’ and ‘horse’.


Though much larger in size we might think of cow pies –  

     Or some people may call them cow pats,

And that bird who is hopping, has left a bird dropping,    

     His aim being mainly at hats.


My dog, when quite young, often thought that sheep dung

      Was the best thing that all dogs should eat.

She'd savour the taste and left nothing to waste,

      For she found it remarkably sweet.


So think in your bath what words make you laugh  

    And then think of a word that is new,

And instead of ‘manure’ I’m almost quite sure,  

    You’ll invent a new word meaning ‘poo’.


So three cheers for our words, both the sane and absurd,  

    For we’ve many to choose from and learn.

You don’t need a college to teach you this knowledge,  

    And words you don’t know please don’t spurn.



Copyright on all my poems



PS Written at the special request of an 8 year old boy at my local primary, who, when asked if they had a question for me, said: 'Have You Written a Poem about Poo?'  The teacher said: 'NO SHE HAS NOT!' - but it was clear that 'No, I had not at that particular time in history.'  I'm proud to add that yes, now I have.


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