Oh, don’t laugh at this story for it’s perfectly true,

But a man bought a dragon to keep in his shoe.

   He suffered from cold feet, and thought it might help

   But the flames burnt his foot and ouch!!  How he yelped.


He’s sensibly wearing warm socks now instead,

But thought: “I could use him to warm up my bed,”

   But the smoke from his bed made him splutter and choke,

   And he threw out the dragon in a cloud of black smoke.


The dragon got up and then shook himself down,

And quietly but quickly went down to the town

    Where another man saw him and down came a hand.

    “My goodness!” said he, “You’re a creature quite grand.”


“You come home with me and I’ll care for you well –

And you’ll have a good life in my splendid hotel.”

     Now the small dragon’s happy – in fact he’s a star -

     As he helps surprised visitors light their cigars.



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