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The floppopotamus is strange.

     It’s wings flap up and down.

It flies at speed across the fields

     And often lands in town.


The floppopotamus is weird:

       It's mystical of course,

But please don't ride one, I'd advise,

    For it's nothing like a horse.


This beast would likely carry you

      Right up there with the stars –

And goodness knows where you'd end up;

     It could well be on Mars.


The floppopotamus is shy

     So he’s seldom  ever seen –

But he's cousin to a hippo though.

    But with eyes of emerald green.


The floppopotamus is large

      And  children love him so –

But what do YOU think that's he's like?

     I'd really love to know.



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You might like to draw your own picture of a floppopotamus.  You'll have your own ideas.  Josie

Royal blue