I’ve searched the globe for unicorns,

For ghoulish beasts with hooves and horns,

     For dragons which have fiery breath

     But all of these had met their death.


I’ve climbed mountains, shinned up trees

For creatures rare or Japanese.

     The Pegasus -  a wingèd horse?

     I gave up hunting in remorse.


Huge monsters, demons, dinosaurs?

I’ve searched for them and many more.

     Fairies, witches, goblins, gnomes.

     I’ve searched abroad and nearer home.


Vampires?  I kept well away!

I don’t much like the games they play.

      I spied some fairies by a stream

      But saw them only in a dream.


I searched the woods, with some assistance,

And saw an ogre from a distance.

       Smelling me, he licked his lips,

       And thought of human flesh and chips.


Run?  You bet!  My legs ran fast,

And I felt frightened and aghast.

      Safe at last, I’ve changed my mind

      And left these things for you to find.


Copyright on all my poems 

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