Magical Mystical Heading Dreaming of Monsters - Heading

Have you been to Monster Land?

   It’s a million miles from here.

You’ll find a beach with lots of sand

    And creatures very queer.


They come in many kinds of shapes

    And various sizes too.

You’ll think that you’ll want to escape

    Or they’ll put you in their zoo.


Such ugly monsters everywhere;

    Hideous ones in trees.

Look out, look out!  Beware, beware!!

    There are monsters running free.


Huge monsters swimming in the sea

    And some up in the sky.

Whilst monster mums sip their tea

   The baby monsters cry.


Look!  Monster daddies!  What a size!

    And grans and granddads too;

Uncles and aunts with fearsome eyes,

   Some red, some green or blue.


Don’t let these creatures catch you now.

    Go quietly as you tread.

You could end up in monster stew

    Or, more likely, wake in bed.


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By Josie Whitehead

Yes, this was one of the many poems which children and teachers chose to go in my books, and it was published in Josie's Poems - Funny book 2010.  However, I took this poem into a local school for National Poetry Day before this and a little boy asked me if I included dinosaurs under the heading of "monsters."  I said that I might and this 5 year old told me that he was an authority on dinosaurs and that I was to ask him for his help if I needed to know anything.  The teacher told him to "be quiet.  It isn't YOUR day!" ha ha - but I did read them a dinosaur poem also.  Children do make you laugh for certain.  Josie