Magical & Mystical Poems Story Poems 3 Do You Believe in Fairies - Heading Skype Visits

She lay crumpled in my garden and I thought that she was dead.

The sun’s rays touched the golden hair upon her little head.

    A wand was clasped within her hand and she had tiny wings –

    But I wasn’t someone who believed in supernatural things!


I asked myself: “Is this a dream from which I must awake?”

Yet, there she lay upon the soil.  It wasn't a mistake.

    I picked her up.  Was she a doll - a little girl’s delight?

    Was there somewhere an upset child who’d cry for her tonight?


There’s more I have to tell you but you may think it’s untrue.

She opened up her tiny eyes – such pretty eyes of blue!!

     She then sat up and looked around, so now what should I do?

     I said: “Sweet fairy, do not fear, I never would hurt you.”


She then told me her story which I’ll now relate to you:

A bumblebee had knocked her down, as in the flowers she flew.

    She fell amongst my marigolds and here she’d been all day.

    How lucky for the little thing that I had come her way.


I took her home and cared for her and now she’s fit and well,

So I’ll return her to my garden and I’ll sadly say farewell.

    Believe in fairies?  Now I do.  Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t stay,

    But I’m sure if you believe in them, you’ll see one, one fine day.



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