Magical/Mystical Younger Children

Do fairies carry mobile phones

With sweetly ringing fairy tones?

   And do they, when they go to bed,

   Read fairy tales or poems instead?


Do fairies have to learn to fly

And does a fairy ever die?

    Does Santa Claus make fairy toys

    Just for fairy girls and boys?


Are their homes lit up and bright,

Arrayed with pretty fairy lights?

    Do fairy mothers always make

    Small, but tempting, fairy cakes?


Some people think they don’t grow old

And fairies never feel the cold.

  They dance with sunbeams in the breeze.

  With playfulness they laugh and tease.


Their fairy parents think it’s cruel

To send their children off to school,

    So fairy children run and play.

    I’d like to be one any day!


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