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I saw it on the internet -

    Therefore it must be true:

It said to 'Dial an Angel'

    To do some jobs for you.


I’ve often thought it possible,

    But never been quite sure,

But can we reach beloved ones

    Gone to that distant shore?


The services they offer

    Are what everybody needs:

To cut the grass, water the plants

    And dig out all those weeds.


They’ll walk the dog, prepare a meal,

    Dust and hoover round;

And this is done quite quietly

    With hardly any sound.


They’ll sweep the paths and patios

    And prepare a party meal.

With shopping done, windows cleaned,

    Potatoes then they’ll peel.


They’ll care for older people, so

    Our Granny will like that.

They’ll meet the children from the school

    And then delouse the cat.


So instead of buying Christmas gifts,

    Buy a voucher for your friend.

It’s to pay for angel services

    As I’m sure you’ll comprehend.


But this is what is bothering me –

    Well, does it bother you?

I thought we worked just in this life.

    So this surely isn't true!!!


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