A Cat is a Cat - Heading

Yes, this was also one of 400 poems that was published in 2010 by AMS Educational, but I remember the teachers changed something in the last line - but don't ask me now what was there before.  I rather think it was "But that doesn't matter to me."  It is a limerick with lots of animals in it.  Why not put this poem on your classroom wall and get the children to illustrate it.  Any good illustrations send to me.  Josie

Funny Poems 3 Other Limericks

A cat is a cat for all that.

And a mouse is a mouse not a bat.

      A hen is a hen,

      Lives its life in a pen

And a plaice is a fish that is flat.


A duck is the one who says “quack”

And it sleeps with its head on its back.

      Goats can be weird;

      Some come with a beard

And blackbirds are naturally black.


A horse has four legs and says “neigh”.

And you seldom see owls in the day.

      If a sheep you should meet,

      I know it will bleat

And it’s reindeers that pull Santa’s sleigh.


It’s a hamster that plays with a wheel,

And a piglet, of course, likes to squeal.

      A giraffe’s very tall,

      And if I can recall -

With a ball on his nose?  That’s a seal.


The whales love to swim in the sea,

And the insect who jumps is a flea.

      A lily’s a lily –

      Oh this poem’s so silly.

But that doesn’t matter to me.


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