When I ask Mummy something hard,

     This is her reply:

'I’m busy now.  You ask your Dad.'

     She’s smart, you can’t deny.


When Daddy finds the question hard,

    He says: 'I can’t stop now!'

And pretends he’s doing something else –

    Whilst wrinkling up his brow.


Someone will know the answer though.

    He’ll help you, just you bet:

You’ll find him on the internet.

    Have you meet Google yet ?


Write any question on the screen

    And give him time to look –

And there, alone in Google’s room,

    He’ll search inside his book.


He’ll find the facts and come right back -

    Oh for certain he’s not dim.

So a great big thanks to Google, yes -

    There’s no-one quite like him!!


Copyright on all my poems


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