A monster, prowling round our world,

    Seeks hearts in which to hide.

He knocks upon the human door

    And asks to come inside.


If he can live within your heart

    Or nestle in your soul,

He’ll settle down quite comfortably

   And start to take control.


This evil creature wants to steal

   Your happiness away.

He’s there to concentrate your mind

    On things which cause dismay.


He bears the name of Jealousy,

    Or Envy - perhaps Greed.

His nearest cousin’s Avarice

    And on you they want to feed.


Don’t let these monsters in your life

    To hurt you with their spite.

Your inner self will be consumed

    With hatred day and night.


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Reflective Poems JP3 Skype Visits Green-Eyed Monster - Heading



By Josie Whitehead